What is the Key to Success?

What is the Key to Success?

What is the key to success? Why do some people succeed while other’s fail? Why does this happen so? Let’s quickly jump into this interesting post and find out an answer to it.

Recently I’ve come across this famous recorded message entitled “The Strange Secret” by Earl Nightingale, the great success writer, broadcaster and speaker.  He addressed this issue in his program, he identified the key to success in just six words. Of course, he went on to explain it in more detail– but the foundation of his success secret is only six words!

You’d like to know the six words, wouldn’t you? Well, before I tell you the key to success, you might be surprised to learn that the same six words are also the key to failure! Are you ready for the key to success? Here it is:


On a gut level, does that really make any sense to you? Well, Nightingale found that all of the great writers, philosophers and religious leaders have agreed that our thoughts determine our actions!
What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve“, Napolean Hill said. I can relate this to the present context.
“A man is what he thinks about all day long.”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“There is nothing on Earth you cannot have–once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it.”, said Robert Collier.

How this principle actually works?

Okay, let’s jump deep into this concept — that WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT. Here’s how it works. If you constantly think about a particular goal, then you’ll take steps to move toward the goal. Let’s say that someone ( whom we’ll call Steve ) thinks he’s capable of earning $25,000 per year. Like a human magnet, Steve will attract those employment opportunities that will move him in that direction. As long as Steve clings to that thought, he’ll reach his goal of earning $25,000 per year.

Now, what if Steve begins to think, “Hey, I’d like to earn more money to meet the growing needs of my family. I want to earn $40,000.” Will Steve’s income increase? Well, it depends. Just how strong Steve’s belief that he can earn $40,000? It’s quite possible that Steve would like  to earn $40,000, but he doesn’t believe that he is really capable of earning that amount. In that case, Steve will not reach his income goal of $40,000. If, on the other hand, Steve continually thinks about earning the higher income … and believes in his ability to achieve that goal, he will, in fact, increase his income to $40,000.

As you might expect, this concept is not limited to monetary goals. Suppose you’re shooting a round of 95 on the golf course right now. By concentrating on bringing that score down to 85 … and by truly believing in your ability to do so … you’ll begin to take steps to move toward that goal. you may take lessons. You may practice more. But in the end, you’ll surely bring down your score and reach your objective!

Dominant thoughts through out the day

The idea that we become what we think about  can also be expressed as the Law of Dominant Thought. This means that there’s a power within each of us that propels us in the direction of our current dominant thoughts. The key word here I say is DOMINANT. You can’t expect positive results when you spend 10 seconds of your day thinking positively.. and the remaining 18 waking hours dwelling on negative outcomes! Sounds true, right?

Here’s the bottom line. A little positive thinking doesn’t produce positive results! Just like a bit of a diet doesn’t work. It’s like trying to lose weight by eating a healthy, low-calorie breakfast … and then pigging out on cake and ice cream for the rest of the day The same is true of exercise — you can’t do a few minutes of exercise ONCE a week and expect to be physically fit.

Look at positive thinking in the same way. A little bit just doesn’t get the job done. Instead, you must take control of your mental activity and think positively throughout each and every day until it becomes a habit. Remember, it has to be your dominant thought pattern! Now, take a moment to consider your dominant thoughts in the major areas of your life. Are they serving you … or holding you back?

Perspective vs. Action

I’ve been talking a lot in this post about thinking and you might be wondering where action fits into this process. It’s true that you don’t get results without action, but recognize that thought precedes action. I always knew the actions that I’d have to take to achieve a specified goal in my life. But I never took my first step as long as I had a negative mindset. The instant I changed my perspective, I really felt more compelled to take action … and nothing was going to stop me!

That’s why I say, positive belief system is the starting point for the achievement of the goal. When your dominant belief is that you can achieve your goal, you begin taking the actions necessary to move in that direction.

Your circumstances reflect what you’ve been thinking about

At this point, I’d like to say that fact is fact: Your beliefs brought you to where you are today, and your thinking from this point  forward will surely take you to where you’ll be in the future. In fact, your results in every area of your life reflect your deeply held thoughts about yourself. Consider your finances. What are your beliefs in this area? Are you constantly thinking about not having enough money? Dwell on that thought and you block the flow of money to you!

And then, there’s the matter of relationships. If you think that you don’t deserve much, you attract friends and partners into your life who won’t treat you very well. I’ll bet you know someone always seems to go out with the “wrong” person. And whether we’re talking about finances, relationships or careers, the fact remains : If you don’t change, your results won’t change! 


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16 Replies to “What is the Key to Success?”

  1. I’ve read a bit about this before. It comes down to being happy when you set your mind to be happy. I think it’s very useful!

  2. omg yes yes and YES! thank you so much for these tools and your share on what it means to be successful! such a refreshing article!

  3. To me, there is no ‘success’ as such. Everybody has totally different goals in completely different fields in life, hence there are different ways reaching them. And if you do not have a goal and do not want to reach anything, that’s totally fine,too. In this aspect, I’m very ‘zen’.

  4. It’s like anything in life. You cannot go half way or you will fail in the long run. You have to commit. It reminds me of the time I had a magician show me how to eat fire. He said you have to fully commit to it or you will burn yourself. And it was so true.

  5. such an inspiring post. Success can come in many forms and ways. it is different from everyone. believing in yourself and in the future is a step in the right direction. building relationship as well

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