How to respond to How are you?

How to respond to How are you?

Our answer to the question How are you? seems like such a small thing. But, we must answer that question at least 10 times a day — perhaps as many as 50! So it’s not a small thing at all. It’s a significant part of our daily conversations. When someone asks you How are you? what do you say? Your answer is usually no more than a few words, Right? And yet, that short response tells a lot about you– and your perspective. In fact, your response can literally shape your frame of mind!

Well, we can classify the response to How are you? into three categories: negative, mediocre and positive. Let’s quickly get into some instances under these three categories and examine some common responses under each one.

Negative Responses

The negative replies to How are you? include some phrases such as:
“I’m tired.”
“It’s not my day.”
“Thank God it’s Friday.”
“A day older and a dollar broker.”
and finally, “Don’t ask!”

When someone responds with Don’t ask, you know you’re in for some trouble. That person is going to unleash a legion of complaints and make you sorry for asking How are you?  in the first place! And you should really pity those people who take Thank God it’s Friday approach to life. Think of what they’re saying. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are bad days every week.” For these people, four-fifths of their work is lousy! The fifth day , Friday, is “bearable” only because they know they’ll have the next two days off!

Well, is this the way to live your life? Are you beginning to see how these negative phrases can poison your mindset? And turn off other people?

Mediocre Responses

Those in the mediocre group are a step up from negative bunch–but they still have plenty of room for improvement. Here are some of the responses you get from them:
“I’m okay.”
“Not too bad.”
“Could be worse.”
“Same old, same old.”
“Same shit different day!”
“Hangin’ in there.”

Do you really want to spend a lot of time with someone who thinks that life is “no too bad”? is that the person you want to get into friendship with? When we  use words like these, we also diminish our energy. Can you imagine someone saying “Could be worse” with an upright posture.. and  a lot of enthusiasm? Of course not! These people sound like they haven’t slept in two days.

There’s no getting around it. People who use mediocre words will develop a mediocre perspective … and get mediocre results. And I know you guys don’t want that! Do you?

Positive Responses

Then, there’s the positive approach. These are the enthusiastic people who say:
“I’m on the top of the world.”
“It doesn’t get any better!”

Those who use positive words like these have a bounce in their step and you feel a little better just by being around them! Be honest. How did you feel as you read the positive list? I don’t know about you, but I’m energized and excited as hell as I review that list. These are the people that you should look forward to meeting everyday. These are the people who are likely to get into friendship with me!

Why not go back and re-read the negative list and the mediocre list. Say them out loud. How do they make you feel? Bummed out, for sure! You see, if given the choice, I’d rather be around people who are positive and full of life as supposed to those who are negative and useless. It’s like the old saying that everybody lights up a room — some when they walk into the room … and some  when they walk out! You want to be the one who lights you a room when you walk in!

As for me, as of now, when someone asks me How are you? I always try to respond with Terrific! It just projects a positive charm to the other person and they feel kind of Terrific too!

So, I suggest you to always get into a positive group and always try to learn from a new habit and mostly, respond with enthusiasm.

Be Enthusiastic

And I would also suggest you to slowly let this habit creep into your life and when anyone asks you How are you? — whether it’s someone at work or a cashier at the store or a janitor at the hall — respond with energy and enthusiasm that you’re  Great! or Terrific! Say it with a smile and a sparkle in your eye. It doesn’t matter whether or not you completely and totally feel terrific at that moment. Simply apply act-as-if  principle. In other words, if you want to be more positive, act-as-if you already are and, pretty soon, you’ll find that you have, in fact, become more positive!

Don’t worry if you feel a little uncomfortable saying these words at the beginning. Stick with it and eventually you’ll grow into it. You’ll quickly notice that you feel better … that others want to be around you … and that positive results will come your way.

And, by the way, How are you? I sense you telling out loud I’m Terrific!


And that’s it for this post and I hope you guys found it helpful. New posts will be coming your way soon. So, do follow my blog.
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13 Replies to “How to respond to How are you?”

  1. I always go with “I’m fine, how are you?” even if i’m not fine, i think its just polite. This was a good post, i enjoyed reading the different responses.

  2. What a fun blog post. I hadn’t really ever thought of how to reply to that question. I usually reply “good” or “fantastic” with “how are you” in reply to that person.

  3. I think it really depends on what someone is going through how they reply. I normally find it best to give a positive response, unless i’m tired and then respond with “shattered” and laugh 🙂

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