Google AdWords Help

Google AdWords Help

You might be a blogger just like me and looking for the Google AdWords campaign. And it is no easy task to run your first campaign. This Google AdWords help guide will surely make things easy for you in campaigning through Keyword planner. This post is going to be a concise one. I will give you a general idea about how you initially need to get into the AdWords help. This mainly contains the most popular AdWords Keyword planner tool.

AdWords Help – Keyword Planner

So, the first thing I want to share with you guys in this AdWords help guide is the keyword planner tool. If you have a decent blog with the Google AdSense approval, then you would surely have got a taste of some bucks. Yes, the money. But, as a beginner you might have seen a low CPC rate. Oh, let’s first get familiar with this AdSense jargon.

What’s CPC? It is Cost Per Click. Basically this it the cost you will be paid per every click. These clicks come most certainly come from your traffic. The rates vary from country to country. The highest CPC rate comes from United States. Now, you might ask “Tell me how is it calculated”. Well, it is calculated by dividing cost to the advertiser by number of clicks.

Why am I telling this? Well, in order to boost your earnings, you got to have a good CPC rate. For good CPC rate, your traffic should come from the best CPC paying countries. So, this is where the keyword planner steps in.

How to use Keyword planner?

First, you need to have an AdWords account. Just, click on this link and you will be redirected to the AdWords page. And when you sign in with your account, you will see this page.

AdWords Help
AdWords Help | Trynal

Don’t fill anything. It will just increase the complexity. Just select “Skip the guided setup“. And that’s it, you are done. And then, you will be redirected to this page.

Just follow these steps. Select the Tools option. Refer the below image.

AdWords Help | Trynal

Then, a sub menu drops down and select the Keyword Planner in the Planning category. You will see the Keyword Planner dashboard. There you go. Now you can search for particular keyword that you want to apply to your blog post in this tool. You can check the CPC rates of different countries along with many other metrics.

I hope his basic article about getting your hands on the Keyword Planner has helped you find your best keyword. Do share your views in the comments section. I will be back with a new post on this topic soon.

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