These 5 PUBG Tips Will Help You Win a Chicken Dinner in Every Match

These 5 PUBG Tips Will Help You Win a Chicken Dinner in Every Match

As we know, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is slowly gaining its pace against Fortnite, let’s see some tips which will help you to get a Chicken Dinner in probably every match.

PUBG, when compared to Fortnite, is one of the few games which delivers an experience close to reality in the Battle Royale games. Be it the air drops which resemble the army theme or the range of weapons we get to use, every player can quickly get a round of adrenaline from a single match he/she plays. The matter of the fact that this game is close to being more real makes it really challenging to play, so to say. Specifically, the novices who have just started to know the nook and cranny of this game. So, with no clear instructions on how to ameliorate your skills, it apparently turns out that you will surely take up a couple of months being killed by the veteran players who will be having a more versatile collection of weapons.

Nevertheless, you can make your presence count if you learn some smart tricks and tactics which would undoubtedly result in fetching you a Chicken Dinner badge more often. So, the following are some tips and tricks which I personally think might help you in turning yourself from a noob to a pro. No matter on what platform you play.

Land at the Viewpoint:

Pubg Viewpoint | Trynal

This solely can decide if you are going to be in the top 10 or even get a Chicken Dinner. But, If you want to land at one of the favourite locations like Pochinki or so to say, be sure that you can crouch to the nearby places where you can take shelter or hide. Because, at times it turns out to be little hard to find weapons and as it is one of the most chosen locations to land by many players, more gunfights will inevitably tend to take place in the inceptive stages. So, a better idea is to start off your game from the extremity of the map as a bulk of the houses will contain valuable weapons like Snipers and SMGs.

Make use of headphones:

As we know that this game is more close to getting a realistic experience, the game developers made sure that the same remains when it comes to audio. This game bestows accurate, true stereo experience with 3D audio effects. Nonetheless, the usual mistake that the novices make is depending on the external speakers. Though it functions to some range on consoles, it is unlikely when it comes to mobiles. The 3D audio effects can hardly cope up with the single loudspeaker. This eventually results in players failing to find out from which direction the rival is closing in or even firing.

So, if you are equipped with a pair of headphones, you will be able to quickly discern the enemies closing in either in a vehicle or on foot. This makes the gameplay more interactive too. This mainly makes a difference in the closing high-tensed moments of a match, when all the best players are within a minimum diameter, waiting to fire on sight.

Take the cover:

Pubg Taking Cover | Trynal

This is undoubtedly the grossest error that players do. They naively start covering the ground with no protection. So, it is wise to be away from the open places. Because you might turn into prey to the sniper camping far away either on a roof or on the top of a hill. If it is necessary, consider going around staying near to the rocks or trees. And, be sure to get into the prone posture(lying on the ground) when you are crossing most occupied areas. This makes the rival really difficult to aim and shoot at you. Don’t forget to run zig-zag when you have no options left. It is advisable to hide in the bushes when someone is attacking you. And slowly make your way out by crawling to any shelter nearby.

Selecting the correct weapon:

Pubg Weapons | Trynal

One of the critical things in getting a Chicken Dinner is choosing the right weapon. We know PUBG provides a variety of weapons to choose from. It depends on us whether we get the right combination or get the wrong one and be history. You can even be killed by a noob if you don’t have the proper union of the weapons. If we take the rifles, they work correctly when you want to aim at short range, which is amateurish if you recognise a sniper far away and look to finish him with a rifle.

Similarly, weapons like UMP9, UZI, AKM and other weapons which are alike which can fire rapidly over long distances must be selected as the primary gun. A sniper fits the best when it comes to the secondary weapon. It is always an added advantage to have a sniper to save yourself from any rival. Choose the correct type of scope depending upon the gun you have. 6x or 8x scopes work best with the snipers. And not to forget about the mighty weapon, the pan. It gives shelter against the bullets. Most importantly, have a handful of medical kits and the bandages.

Choose the attire that suits your avatar:

Pubg Attires | Trynal

Most players who have been playing will be able to figure out that this game is all about spotting and being spotted. In the second case, it relies on many circumstances. Choice of the attire or clothes is one of them. As we know, we keep getting rewards in the form of crates for completing certain missions, this increases the player engagement rate. Yet, it is always sagacious to select an attire that helps in smartly disguising your avatar from your rivals. It is always better to circumvent the clothes which are brightly coloured. This helps you to easily get away from the snipers. Consider the clothes with black shades if you choose Sanhok or Erangel. And finally, for the desert map aka the Miramar, it is better to select cargo trousers along with the brown vest if at all you have them.

So, those were my 5 tips regarding PUBG. Do like and share if you loved this post.

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